Wish List

Moi Meme Moitie
Silent Moon BlackxNavy
Divine Cross Velvet Strapless JSK Gold
Long Sleeve Chiffon OP
Bat Bag
Stained glass 180 op
_Holy Queen JSk Any color
_Stained Glass Chiffon OP BlackxNavy/ Blackxred/ Blackxgreen
_Cathedral OP any color
Ritual Print JSK
_ Alchemy Print JSK or OP in Navy
_Iron Gate OP any color
_ Ruins op white

Angelic Pretty
Star Night Theater Bare JSK Black
Holy Night Story JSK Black
Fantasic Dolly High Waist JSK Red
_Queen Playing Cards Shoulder Bag Red Black
_Chess Chocolate JSK with Jabot/Chess Chocolate Bustier-style JSK Ivory or Brown
_Aqua Princess JSK Black
_Sugary Carnival JSK Black
_Candy Treat Chest Ribbon JSK Black
_Cherry Berry Bunny Chest Ribbon JSK Black or Red
_Mermaid Symphony JSK
Magical Etoile JSK Red
_Lady Rose Mini Sleeve JSK Black
_Merry Making Party JSK Black or BLUE (non collared version)
_Tiara Rose Tiered JSK
_Wonder Story Skirt Black JSK
Cinema Doll JSK any color

Alice and the Pirates
Beauty & the Rose Promise JSK Red
Masquerade Theater OP Black
Treasure Box Bag I Blackxwhite
Vampire Prelude OP Black
_Black Cat, Witch and the Apple Tree JSK I red
Vampire Requiem Long JSK Black
Tarot Card OP Black
A&P Tent Bag BlackxGold
Sleeping Beauty JSK Black
St. Mephisto Cathedrale JSK Black
Vampire Forest Elizabeth OP Black
_A Midsummer Night's Dream JSK II Black Or Navy
_Dance of the Black Cats JSK II Any Color
_Melty Mermaid Princess JSK Black
_Twilight Circus JSK II Black or Navy
_Grimoire of the Moonlight Forest JSK I Black or Navy
_Treasure Hunt in mystic island
_AP Coffin Pochette Black/Gold Black/Silver

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Usakumya Rucksack Black W/ Red eyes
Cinderella Jewelry Print JSK II Black
_My Little Red Riding hood JSK Black
Stained Glass Angel Print High Waist OP

Masquerade Lady Blue
Kimono print JSK (2012 version??) Black

_Un Chatêau Secret Robe Black

✓= obtained
Bold= Priority

If you are selling any of the items not checked on my list, please pm me with the following info:
Price (including shipping and paypal fees)
Feedback link
Proof photo